by | Jim Szana

For me to write or say anything about God is presumptuous. We’ve all seen the cartoon of 10 “experts,” all blindfolded, touching and feeling various sections of an elephant. Each “expert” carefully explains what was encountered–a trunk, a tail. a side, a foot and on and on. The final edition of their findings would be their own personal encounters, likely confusing but true. That is what I am trying to do–to share my personal experience with the God-elephant.

My first assumption is that I exist, therefore I am, or is it the other way around? I am a personality and so are you. We had parents that combined their genetics and presto, we’re here. We had no choice at all but here we are. Not only genetically unique but we each have our own history which forms our past.

We are not just blood pressure, pulse rate and all that. We have minds that imagine, remember and plan ahead. We are individuals with the ability to think and imagine. Our minds are a very big world to dream and scheme. No one else thinks your thoughts or dreams your dreams. Most every time we sleep we dream and if your dreams are like mine they rarely make sense. No one else is who we are.

Do you hear songs in your mind that repeat over and over? Are there thoughts that preoccupy and distract you? Is anything racing around in your mind verifiable? What about the invisible triad–faith, hope and love? Are they real? A nearly universal hope is being able to go home from the hospital.

Doesn’t it make total sense that the Creator is at least as much of a person as I am? Virtually all of science focuses on the “WHATS” of creation. The “WHATS” are nothing compare with the “WHO”.

We interact with other personalities. Human beings use symbols, usually words, to communicate with each other. We communicate with ourselves all the time in our own thinking and interaction and just try thinking without words or symbols.

Is it that hard to imagine that our Creator, the One that designed the “WHO” that we are would want to communicate with us?

I know the Creator communicates with us in various and many ways; visible and invisible. Isn’t it amazing that the Creator takes our communication together seriously with interest and respect?

Does life have meaning? Do faith, hope and love exist? My answer is “Yes”. What is your answer?


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