The God WHO reveals

by | Jim Szana

A major theme of my book [Origins & Suffering] is that God always comes to us at our level and in our language. God does not lurk around us in various disguises. The Evil One misrepresents the Creator. Whenever our Maker reveals, or is portrayed, we are surprised by the familiarity. We are caught off guard by the plain and simple.

The book of Genesis abounds in encounters revealing WHO God is. God is not disguising rather disclosing WHO God is. The Creator is the most humble being in the Universe.

When Moses came across the burning bush, was God in disguise or reveal mode? I’d say reveal. Is there anything too insignificant that it can’t represent the Master of the Universe? A lowly bush in the desert is not without meaning.

The first word the Evil One struggled with was “serve” because it implies serving and presumes a servant. A servant gives. A servant serves. Could it be true that it is better to give than to take?

God always reveals to us. That is an eternal principle. The Creator of all that is, visible and invisible exists separate and apart from Nature. Before Earth and the Universe we live in existed, God was there.

The Maker had created a close-knit community. I refer to that existence as Paradise and that is where the story of my book begins. I attempt to describe life in that Paradise.

Our best image of community would be a family, a united family that we have never actually experienced but are able to imagine and hope for. There are limitations because “How do you describe something you’ve never seen?” You can’t. I couldn’t.

However, in my mind, in my imagination, I tried to describe life in that Paradise. I believe that a part of God, a percentage, actually lived with the created beings as one of them. Why not? God’s self-esteem does not come from the worship of created beings. Participating in the love, joy and trust of the community along with their thankfulness and gratitude for life itself is reward enough.

Through Michael the Archangel, God was revealed. Michael was in no way sneaking around being deceitful or assuming to be one bit dishonest. God is not a hypocrite.

In my story the God of Paradise Lost existed as Michael. This Michael was the Creator-God of our present Universe. Hebrew Scriptures tell of this Creator-God interacting with Adam & Eve, Cain, Enoch, Noah and specifically with Abraham.

God, in human form along with two other angels walked by Abraham’s tent and were invited to stay and eat. Sarah cooked for God who appeared as a man and God said to Sarah, “Yes you did laugh!” [with a twinkle in His voice.] It is likely that Hagar served the Creator-God the food He ate that day.

Abraham conversed with the Creator-God, knew the voice and trusted in his Friendly-God. In all these instances the Maker revealed WHO God is, the One WHO comes to us individually. The Personal Almighty comes to our level to reveal, not to deceive.

The angel of light, Lucifer, became pre-occupied with himself and placed his own interests first. Why? I have no answer. The conflict between good and evil originated in Paradise and continues to this day.

The last book of the Bible, Revelation, John says that the Creator-God revealed to him on the Isle of Patmos, the promise of Paradise restored. I look forward to that life in the world to come.


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